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Naples Closet Designs by Naples Closets, LLC

Naples Closet Designs

Naples Closet Designs by Naples Closets, LLC offers premium design services. Professional closet design is an important step in remodeling your home. During the initial visit to any job site, the room dimensions, ceiling heights and any noticeable design obstructions are noted. If the closet is currently being used by the customer, measurements of the existing amount of hanging space in use is calculated. If the home is a new home, the customer can assist in the gathering of measurements in their old home for an estimation of the space needed for hanging clothes.  During the design work up, the designer will optimize the space for hanging, shelves and drawer units. Afterwards, the customer receives a professional architectural rendering of the proposed work. The detail drawings will specify the specific sizes of each cabinet section and the drawings will also provide a visual 3D presentation. After the initial review of the documents, the customer has the opportunity to make additional revisions to the plans. For more information contact Naples Closets today.