At Naples Closets, we do more than closets! 

Our designers will help you to get organized and maximize your space! There’s nothing worse than walking into the kitchen to make dinner and you can’t find all the ingredients you need, so you run to the store to buy the goods to return home to find that they were already in the pantry. This is where we can help you!

When a kitchen has a functional well-designed pantry you will find it makes keeping the kitchen clean and organized much better. Some of the common problems we hear about are deep corners making it hard to reach or find things, no storage solution for spices or kids snacks and it’s nice to have a place to store fresh fruits or veggies. If you have a corner pantry or a small pantry, that’s no problem for us. We can offer many solutions to help maximize your space and the most popular are as follows: 

  • Pull-out racks or drawers
  • Spice racks
  • Vertical dividers 
  • Pull-out or wall wine rack 
  • Adjustable shelving for width or height
  • Shelving for cookbooks or other accessories
  • Floor to ceiling Lazy Susan to eliminate unused corner space

It’s time to get more out of your kitchen pantry. Schedule your free in-home consultation and we will determine what are the best options for your pantry. 

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