Closets continue to get larger especially in newer homes so why not add furniture to really enhance your space? 

For added comfort while getting ready, our designers can add built-in seating to your custom closet or build out space for a luxurious chaise. Even if the space is only a bench below the window, you will find it makes putting on shoes a little bit easier.

Before deciding if a closet island should be on your wish list, we will need to determine if your walk-in closet has adequate space. The depth and width of an island are dependent on what features you want to have. Closet islands are usually at least 30″ deep, which is deep enough for drawer storage on each side. The width varies according to the features you choose. Although 30″ is enough clearance around each side to comfortably walk around, we suggest at least 36″ of clearance.

The most popular are the following:

  • To get more drawer space and to act as a dresser
  • We can also build in drawers for jewelry
  • Shoe racks that are adjustable or gliding
  • Pull-out laundry hamper
  • Countertop space for folding clothing
  • Drop down bench for sitting while putting on shoes

Although pre-fabricated options are available, using a custom closet design company such as Naples Closets will ensure you get the best options, materials, and design based on your space, your lifestyle and your needs.

Call us for a free in-home consultation. We’ll come to your home to measure your space and discuss your needs and share ideas. Let us help you create a functional closet space to be enjoyed for years to come! 

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